How to Decorate your Room with Shelf Lamps

House Decorating Tips with Shelf Lamps

After four years of hard working and economical living, I finally have enough savings to buy an apartment in 2020. It is a small apartment of one bedroom, one living room, one rest room, and one kitchen. Small and cosy enough to live alone. The first thing that I need to take into consideration is the decoration. How I am going to decorate the room so that I can enjoy living inside. Until this point that I realize that possessing a room takes lots of energy and time to decide what you are going to place in your room.

Start from the bedroom, I firstly have to make sure what I need for a bedroom. There are bed, bed tables, table for study or working sometimes, lighting, and closet. I prefer simple design that I choose bed and bed tables of white color to be the sleeping set in my bedroom. For the table in daily use I choose a light yellow colored table to be the function one. It comes with a white chair. For the closet it is a three room closet so that I can store both winter clothes and summer clothes there. Last but not least, I have a shelf lamp to be beside the table so that I can place some books or casual stuff on sometimes.

Kitchen is my favorite part of the apartment

The second important one is living room, where is the location to entertain with friends or being alone. I have placed an order on a small gray colored sofa, and it comes with a black tea table. Besides, I have ordered a book shelf to place all the books I have, usually there are some British books and some Chinese books, novels or reference books. Since the space is enough that I have bought a TV and TV table to place in front of the sofa, even I do not watch TVs very much, it can still work as a decoration or I can watch TV with friends if they come to visit.

The third significant one is kitchen. I love to cook and the cooking set in the kitchen is vital for me since I need a full-equipped kitchen so that I can show my cook skills. So on my side, my kitchen must have a smoke exhaust, a cooking range, a microwave oven, and some plates and bowls. All above-mentioned items will be my great help whenever I cook. I like cooking everyday for all my three meals. In the mornings, I like making a toast and an boiled egg as my breakfast. In the noontime, I usually make some meat and vegetables for enough nutrition. And in the evenings, I like to have some light food for a good digestion and sleep. That is my routine in the kitchen.

Well, last but not least, it is the rest room. Rest room does not need so much attentions since it is well designed before I move in. It includes a toilet table, a toilet, and a set of shower nozzle. These are all the equipment for the rest room, simple and enough to take shower or do anything happened in the rest room.

Shelf lamps work well as a decor

These are the decorations for my apartment, or more exactly the tools for my room. I specifically like the shelf lamp in my bedroom because it comes with 3 shelves and 1 drawer that I am free to place anything there. In addition, it features 2 charging USB ports and a power outlet that I can charge 3 devices at the same time, cell pone, tablet, or Bluetoooth speaker. The shelf lamp includes a 9 watt, 800-lumen power-saving LED bulb featured 3 color temperature: 3000K/5000K/4000K. I can do anything I want under the shelf lamp since it can be adjusted to any color temperature whenever I want.

Shelf lamp is a good decoration to my room since it works well as a decor and as a lamp to light the room and make the room look amazing.

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