How to Spend Christmas at Home

How to Spend Christmas at Home

Travelling with family during Christmas holiday has always been the annual routine for many family. But since 2019, the outbreak of pandemic, most have to stay home and spend the holiday home. There will be so much fun home if the events are well planed. Here are some tips to spend the Christmas home with fun and joy.

How to spend Christmas Home?

#1 Watching Movies

After a year of hard working, it is time to make up all the movie list that is laying on you notebook. Watching movie at home with family is an interesting part in Christmas. Lay back and enjoy the scenes in the movie, and the casual time with family or your beloved.

#2 Decorating the House

During Christmas, one of the most significant thing is doing decoration to your house. Time to set the the tree and lights, and Christmas presents. Refresh your home with bright lights and beautiful Christmas tree, Christmas vibe!

#3 Exchanging Gifts

Before the Christmas dropped, every one has already been busy preparing the gift of the year. So when Christmas finally knocked on the day, it is time to show up your present to surprise your family and friends.

#4 Having Video Parties with Friends

Because of the new outbreak of pandemic, it is not possible to travel again to visit friends or going for a holiday trip. However, thanks to the well developed internet and high-tech, we are able to have video parties with friends away from us. Sign up and video call and started the party. Party time again.

#5 Sending Holiday Cards

Sending holiday cards to the family and friends to express your best wishes to them. Pick up some beautiful holiday cards to write your wishes respectively to your beloved ones, for a better connection and appreciation for each other.

Preparing a Substantial Christmas Dinner

#6 Preparing a Substantial Christmas Dinner

A substantial Christmas dinner for the holiday to fill your stomach is a most. Preparing the ingredients before the holiday. When the day comes, hands on with family to produce a rich dinner. Time to store enough energy to get through the winter.

#7 Having a Reading Party at Home

Start reading a new book and when every one finishes the book, holding up a reading party to share the impression after reading. It will be interesting to hearing different comments on the book. A good chance to debate and share your smart learning from books.

#8 Playing Virtual Video Games

After a few hours reading and study, try to spare some time to relax yourself. Get together with the family to play virtual video games will be helpful to relax your nerve and your day. A good way to spending time with family full of fun and joy.

#9 Doing Sports at Home

Although it is not easy to go out for some intense sports, there are some sports available to do jus at home. Set up a ping pong table, badminton net, or just a jump rope, etc. Move your body and your heart, getting warm together with your family.

Getting warm together with your family

Whether it is reading or doing sports, or anything else above-mentioned, it is always filled with fun when it is time spending with family and friends. Christmas is the valuable time to get back to your family and time to have fun with the family. Whatever you do is meaningful to your family. When I am home for the Christmas, I like to spending time watching movies with my family. And when I am alone in my room, I like to reading alone instead. Reading is another way to sense the inner me. And every time I am reading in my room, I like to sit next to my shelf lamp for a better lighting effect since it comes with 3 adjustable color temperature that I can switch to the color I want when I need. Besides, it features three layered shelf that I can play anything I want on it, especially books or phones. What is more, it comes with a 2 USB charge ports and 1 power outlet, good equipment to charge. Thanks to the shelf lamp, I enjoyed a lot in reading and having great Christmas time at home.

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