My World Changes Bigger Under Tripod Lamp

My World Changes Bigger Under Tripod Lamp

My world is a small one, in the first place it only includes my parents, my siblings, my cousins, and my relatives. I do not have complicated interpersonal relationship. All the people around me love me, take care of me, have fun with me. And this was before I turn five years old, before I go to nursery school. When it comes, my world changes into another world that I never expected before.

My world becomes a little bigger world, I start having classmates, teachers, and friends. They are people out than my family and my relatives. I begin to have social life, like with my classmates and friends. The social life at the moment is simple and at a low cost. We only need to walk home together, hand in hand, and the money we only spend is on snacks, which only takes a few cents for little breads, crisps, chips, etc. It is at this point I have a crush, a crush on the one I always go home together, hand in hand. Suddenly my world changes, I have friendship, relationship, and other connections with the people around me. The place I hang around changes as well. It is not just at home, but school, the way to school, the summer camp, the place I never come up with a name but comes into my world.

After nursery school, my world develops bigger, bigger than before. There comes knowledge, classmates around the city, teachers with a walking dictionary, schools much bigger than previous one, and my range of activity moves to another city, away from my family. At this time, my world is bigger out of my control, I am having different emotions that I never have experienced before, I have anger sometimes because I have problems with my classmates; I have happiness sometimes because I have another crush; I have envies because someone is very good at study and scores that very often praised by teachers; I have homesick because I am not often seeing parents and relatives but live in the dormitory with classmates; I am emotional from time to time because I have no idea what I am living for and why I am here. That is my bigger world, a confused world, full of much more different emotions than before, and surrounded by much more people than before, my social life becomes complicated, not only is it about friendship, but also about ranking in the grade. What we discuss and are concerned about is study and the ranking for a better higher education. This is my world by the time, for higher school and education.

My world changes when I grow up

Finally, my world at schools end. I take college entrance examination and enroll in college. After college, my world shifts into working. It is at this point that I come through a lot of ups and downs in my life as of today. I expat from one country to another and another, trying to experience as much as I can. And in the process, I have experienced countless heart-wrenching breakups, various hesitations whenever I am going to quit and apply for a new job, a huge financial break, and plenty of anxiety and worries about future. That is my big world now, the big world that are supplemented by tremendous emotions and experiences, colorful and exciting.

My world becomes big world, but it feels empty some times. I have been trying to figure out what my world should be like, and from the little one to the big one it takes time, energy and patience to grow bigger. My world is not the world when I was in nursery any more, but a world that are connected with the society, with people, and with world. I am curious about what I yet have experienced, and I found a way to experience that on my way up, that is reading. I flee into another world through books, where shows me tremendous stories and views that I have never thought of or expected before, and it is the world in books that calms me and brings me joy and fun. My world is more wonderful with the company by books. And whenever I open a book, I like to sit next by my tripod lamp to enjoy the world inside the books under the tripod lamp that comes with three color temperatures for a good reading experience. At the moment, my world changes into a world that is not existed in the real world and makes me calm and peaceful. My world is beyond my expectation and could be quite different than a worldly one.

My world becomes colorful and wonderful

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