Shelf Floor Lamp as the Christmas Gift

Shelf Floor Lamp as the Christmas Gift

When I was a little girl, it was always exciting to celebrate Christmas with my family. Dad was busy for his work all the time, and the only moments when he gets long a leave was when he takes Christmas holidays. He never forgets to bring back all sorts of presents for the family. The most exciting moment was always exchanging gifts and get the surprise. But well, before we exchange the gifts, there are tremendous routines to do first.

The first thing is stocking. I always enjoy shopping with dad and mom. A few weeks before Christmas come, we drive to downtown to get anything required for holidays. The shopping list for Christmas tree decoration includes Christmas tree, incandescent string lights, light-emitting diode lights (LED), white lights, colored lights, tree toppers, garlands, and ornaments.

Then it is the shopping of clothing. In my family, one of the rules of Christmas is putting new clothes on. Hence, we are excited to get new clothes for the new year. When I was young, it was always mom and dad make the decision for us on what to wear. Usually it was something cute and adorable. But with the passage of time, brothers and me start have the chance to buy what we like to wear.

Finally, it is the present for Christmas. Usually we need to prepare the presents for whole family, including grandparents, and cousins. It was also an interesting part of our shopping activity. We need to think what they might like and what will make them happy. And usually after the buying of presents, we head home and start decorating our house.

we head home and start decorating our house.

It was almost three years ago that I spent Christmas with family. Since I graduated from college, things get changed. I move around the world like a citizen of the world and did not have time to come home to celebrate my Christmas with the family.

The first year after graduated from college, I moved to Australia working as an assistant manager there. Because of long distance, I finally decided to stay there for my Christmas. I thought I might be lonely and sad at the new year. But what surprised me was that my colleagues are all very lovely and invited me to celebrate Christmas together. After Australia I have another change in my life again and this time was Africa. In Africa, things were quite more hard than in Australia. The surroundings were far more insecure and dirty than previous one. I was set back when I landed in Africa, and the first idea came into my mind was getting out of here immediately. Since I was so intense to working as a volunteer, I overcome my fear and upset in the end and stayed, for almost two years. For the two years in Africa, I have got the chance to know different culture and help people in need. Every time when Christmas came, I was homesick and thinking too much about my family and friends back home. But thanks to all the lovely fellows there, I spent two of the most special and incredible Christmas in my life, celebrating the holiday with fun and laughs.

In 2020, COVID-19 swept every corner of the world and I have to decide where to stay for the new challenge. I moved back to my country and this time I stay for more than two years. Because of work, I have been staying in another city away from my hometown. Only when Christmas comes I have the chance to meet and get together with family. And this year, I am already so excited to meet the whole family again.

Things have changed over the past four years, all my brothers get married and we are so happy for the new members of our family. Dad and mom looks older than before, but happier. And this time for the coming Christmas, there might be something different. I have already prepared something special for the family, which is Christmas lights.

SUNMORY floor lamps are the best Christmas lights

SUNMORY floor lamps are the best Christmas lights I have ever had in my life. It comes with eyes-protection bulbs and good design, not only works to decorate your house but also lights up your room with warmth and love. I have specially ordered the shelf floor lamp that are on SALES at the moment. It is a 30% discount for the coming Christmas.

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