What Are the Best Habits in the Night

What Are the Best Habits in the Night

In my early twenties, I was always looking for fun at night after work. After 8 hours working in the office, it feels like the time at night should be more outgoing and with friends around. So I usually winded up my night with dates and parties. Never turned down any parties that came to me, never missed any clubs that were having event at that moment, never missed any hot guys from date apps, lol. Life looks life wonderful and interesting all the time, always have friends around, always have hot guys around, always have fun. But gradually I found I am losing my energy, I am starting getting bored of what is happening surrounded, start refusing joining parties, start refusing hangout with friends, start refusing dating. There are good moments for sure with friends, but I just cannot feel satisfied anymore.

I gradually spend most of my time home, only hangout with good friends, and staying home doing what I think should be more meaningful and help improve myself, whether it is working skills and personal life skills. I have various choice to do in the night, reading, doing sports, watching movies and documentaries, learning new skills online, etc.

night life comes with fun and alcohol

#1 Doing Sports

The first thing comes into my mind is doing sports, because I am such a sports lover and I have been sitting all day in the daytime for eight hours that doing sports is the first activity I pick up after work. Usually I do some sports that are not so intense and relax my body and mind. Mostly it is yoga, which is a great way to relax body and mind, adjusting breath and keeping my nerve calm. From some researches show that it is better not to do intensive sports at night since it will activate the brain that your body and nerve will be so excited and cannot fall asleep at night. So the best way to relax body while not affecting sleep is doing yoga or just some easy body movement so that your brain with not be influenced at the same time.

#2 Watching Movies or Documentaries

As the old saying goes, life is like a play. When you do not have direction and be confused of what you are going to do in your life, you can go to the movies or documentaries, which show you all sorts of life that happened in every corner around the world. I am not saying the life of others will be a guide to your life or will change your life, but through others’ life, or through the life or drama only happened on movies or documentaries, your horizon will be broadened. It is an entertainment that pleases your eyes, your minds, your spirits.

#3 Learning New Skills Online

After graduated from school, study looks like unnecessary to our life, which is wrong. Never too late to learn! If you want to have better position in your company or in your late career, studying will be the best short-cut to reach your goal, besides working hard in the office. Even just a few minutes per day, times with 365 days there will at least 3 hours in learning new skill per years. Herein I am counting is just short time spent in studying new skills, but if it is one hour or more a day it will be much more than you think. Personal speaking, I have spent at least ten minutes per day studying video editing since last year, and currently I already can edit videos on my own. And If I have more time on it, I will gradually be a professional sooner or later.

reading well broadens my horizon

#4 Reading

Second last but not least, which is my favorite one doing at night, calm and peaceful moment at night, reading. Reading has become my daily routine nowadays since two years ago. Every day one hour before I go to bed, I always pick up a book to read, it can be something about psychology, something about love, something about sex, something about relationships, and something about anything you want to know in your life or you are confused of at the moment. There is no limits to reading, and there is always harvest from reading. Recently I have been reading.

The Philosophy of Andy Warhol by Andy Warhol, which I have learned different viewpoints from him towards life issues we have to go through, whether it is love, sex, career, success, fame, family, time, death, etc.

#5 Meditation

Last but not least, meditation. Because I have anxiety problems and other mental problems, I have been seeing a shrink since last year. And one of the methods he introduces to me to lift anxiety and keep calm is doing meditation, which I have been practicing since last year and have obvious effects on me. In the first place, I have a more regular breath when I feel stressed or worried rather than like before out of breath whenever I have problems in my life. In the second place, I am not swayed by considerations of gains and loss. I am more peaceful to what I have and what I do not have in my life, and feel more grateful for what I already have had. In the third place, meditation is an effective method to change your mindset. I was so negative before that cannot stop worrying about things that are going to happen out of control. But through meditation, I have found my mindset has been changed that I am not longer so negative towards life, but more positive to it. And every time when I am doing meditation, I usually sit next to my SUNMORY ARC FLOOR LAMP that comes with four modes and a remote control, baby feeding mode, reading mode, working mode, and night light mode. Among them night light mode is the best mode to do meditation and calm my soul.

meditation keeps calm and adjusts my breath

There are a lot of habits in our life that will change our life and our ways towards problems. Currently I like doing sports, watching movies or documentaries, learning new skills, reading, and doing meditation in the night, through which my life and my attitude have been changed in a good way. I will not stop to find more beneficial habits in the night. Cheers.

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