What Life has Taught me Last Year

What Life has Taught me Last Year

1.Never Stop Trying

Not every one founds their talents and goals in a young age or knows what they are going to do lifetime when they were still young. So do I. I have been thinking about being a director for a while. In may, I finally made my mind to quit my job and looking for a job working as an assistant director. It was a hard decision to quit the job I was doing at that moment since I will have promotion very soon. But the desire and dream to become a director finally makes me quit the job. I was so excited when I quit the job and more excited when I get an offer to working as an assistant director. It was three months of fun and hard work, and I do enjoy the time when I was doing the job. However, I still am not satisfied and confused about the future. Being a director looks like not what I have expected and knocks me back. After three months working as an assistant director, I quit the job and pause for a while, trying to figure out what I am really looking for in life and what I can do in life. In the wake of resigning, I do nothing for two months, having no idea where I am going to next and what I am going to do next. In September, I accept an interview invitation and get the offer very soon, which pushes me moving forward, an editor, marketing editor. At the moment, I have been working as the marketing editor for more than three months, it is free to write what I want, which is what I have enjoyed most. But at the same time, I do not know this is what I want for life or not. I am still working on it. It is a tough and confusing year, I have been through all sorts of emotions, anxiety, worries, depression, confusion, and so on. But I never regret what I have done, it is the way I am looking for myself and the thing I want to do for living.


2.Changing Mindset Unrelentingly

Over the past few years I have a negative mindset for a long time and it keeps me from being active and happy. Every time when big things going to happen, I start feeling panic, anxious, and worried for everything that looks so uncertain. I would be so worried that bad things will happen and because of the negative emotions I do not feel well. It is not only bad for my mental health but also my physical health. Through studies and researches on psychology, I have found that I have been under a very negative mindset for a while, almost through the past of my life. And to overcome all the negative thoughts, I need to change my mindset, which requires mindset changing practice. It is a bit hard to start the mindset practice, especially at the beginning. Every time when the negative mindset comes up, I work so hard to overcome it and change my thought. It is a difficult challenge and mission, and so many times it makes me stressed and tired. But the only thing I can do is being unrelentingly to change and overcome my weakness, and obtaining a more positive and rational mindset. And over the past one year, I have insisted on doing the mindset practicing, and as of today I feel I gradually have inner power to overcome and meet challenges in life. And my negative thoughts are step by step beat by positive ones. What a progress over the past one year and I will keep on no matter what happens next.


3.Always being Curious about Life

Sometimes, life makes me feel bored. I cannot find the meaning of life, and have no idea where to lead the life to. In every period of the life, I feel bored and depressed from time to time. In the beginning a little girl, afterwards a student, and currently an employee. In different phase of life, I play different roles which full of different stories and emotions. And the reason to keep going on is always being curious about life, so that I will go on the direction that I want to take and becoming the person that I want to be. At the moment I still have no idea what I will become, but am sure I will always be curious about life, and make the life shine.

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