Why Do I Carry An Arc Floor Lamp whenever I Move

Why Do I Carry An Arc Floor Lamp whenever I Move

When I was a little girl, the most exciting thing was going to grandpa’s and spent the summer holiday there. Grandpa’s house is located in a small village where is surround by rice fields and grassland. There is a narrow path connected with the outside and every time we drove along the path bumping up and down to reach grandpa’s. He was always waiting on the gate whenever I informed him we are going to visit him, full of excitement and happiness. When we arrived, the first thing he introduced was all the snacks he bought from market, sugars, biscuits, crisps, etc, everything I liked.

Afterwards, it was the celebration of summer holiday. Every morning we woke up by the crowing of chicken and birds. Downstairs had the sound of dishes washing, it was grandma washing dishes downstairs and preparing for breakfast. Breakfast usually came with eggs, goat’s milk, porridge, and bread, an abundant breakfast to open up a new day. After breakfast, grandpa’s routine was going to the rice field to check the condition of rice. I always came with him to start the journey. It took only twenty minutes to go to the rice field. Every time when we checked a field grandpa specifically explained pros and cons of the details. When we finished our task, grandpa would take me to snack bar to buy snacks for me. The summer holiday went on in this way, checking rice field with grandpa, buying snacks from time to time, simple, funny, and relaxing days with grandpa. The best time ever of my life.

Exploring rice field with grandpa is the most interesting experience.

Until the summer holiday when I was in grade 3, there came the news that grandpa passed away accidentally before we visited him. I cried all week because I could not accept the fact that grandpa had gone already, forever, disappeared from my life. The summer holiday spending with grandpa ended at the moment. The company of grandpa did not exist anymore. The only thing I feel grateful is that grandpa has left an arc floor lamp to me, a birthday present when I entered primary school. It accompanies me instead after the death of grandpa.

The first time I moved out of my family is when I went to college. The arc floor lamp spent four years there with me when I was in college. It saw how I became a mature and knowledgeable girl from a naive high school student. It also witnessed all the good and bad times when I was in college, whether it is about friendship, relationship, studies, competitions. It makes me feel calm when I know it is there, and I know grandpa would always be there seeing what I have been through, and be happy for my good times, and cheers me up for my bad times.

The next and far journey I have been to is after college. I have got an offer from Greece that the contract lasted for one year, which means I will be there for at least one year. It is not easy to carry the arc floor lamp with me to another country, but I have insisted doing so. In Greece, life has changed into what I have never expected before. It is full of fun and interest there, everything is new and different from what I have experienced before. I have been to all kinds of parties every weekend, have visited various places of interest there, have dated guys from different culture background, have been robbed by locals, have met some difficulties at work, etc. It is thrilling and exiting to work there, while at the same time I always have the arc floor lamp with me, the company of grandpa.

The arc floor lamp from grandpa companies me wherever I go

One year later, I quit the job there and have decided to another country, Australia. And this time I also take the arc floor lamp with me to explore new adventure there. I will always take the arc floor lamp with me wherever I go, I have courage and drive whenever I know it is there with me, because it is grandpa with me. No matter how many years passed already since the death of grandpa, I never forget the good old times with him. And the arc floor lamp will always go with me no matter what destination I am going to. It is the token of love, of care, and of courage. New adventure will come next year, I have decided yet where I am going to, but the arc floor lamp will be there with me, as usual.

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