SUNMORY Announces its Christmas Sale

SUNMORY Announces its Christmas Sale

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year, time to get together with family, friends, or your beloved one. After 4 years’ expat abroad, finally time to get together with family again this year. And on this special holiday, I have prepared a special gift from SUNMORY, floor lamps.

SUNMORY has timely announced its Christmas sale on 6 products on this special season,

* Shelf Floor Lamp
* Industrial Floor Lamp
* Modern Floor Lamp
* Arc Floor Lamp
* LED Floor Lamp
* Iron Shelf Floor Lamp

All above-mentioned products feature LED blub, eco-friendly material that you will enjoy a cosy and warm light from SUNMORY. Time to get some new light for your house and spend the time home with family.

The Christmas sale starts on 22 Dec. until 28 Dec. Come and get your special one in no time.

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